About the Register

The Register of Ohio, first published by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission on July 3, 2000, is established under the Register of Ohio Act (Ohio Revised Code sections 103.051 to 103.054 and 119.037 to 119.039) and other related Ohio statutes enacted by Am. Sub. S.B. 11 of the 123rd General Assembly. That legislation intends for the Register to be "an electronic publication that functions as a gazette to which members of the public may readily resort for notice of and information about rule-making processes."

The following documents are published in the Register:

(1) Text of proposed rules;

(2) Text of adopted rules, including internal management rules and rules of public colleges and universities;

(3) Text of emergency rules;

(4) Text of no-change rules;

(5) Public notices of state agencies' intent to adopt rules under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119. and of public hearings being conducted on the proposed rules;

(6) Rule Summaries and Fiscal Analyses (RSFAs) submitted for proposed and no-change rules;

(7) Hearing Summary Reports for rules proposed under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119;

(8) Text and RSFAs of withdrawn proposed rules, withdrawn final rules, and rules placed in "To Be Refiled" status;

(9) The weekly "No-Change Rule Filings" report from the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), which lists rules filed during the previous four weeks for which state agencies have conducted a "five-year review" under Ohio Revised Code section 106.03 and propose no revisions;

(10) Guides to Administrative Rule-Making published by state agencies under Ohio Revised Code section 119.0311, filed with LSC, and made available to the public;

(11) Agricultural Commodity Marketing Program notices filed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture under Ohio Revised Code section 924.12;

(12) Public notices of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency final filings;

(13) Public notices of Medicaid final filings; and

(14) Liability Insurance Certifications.