Notices and Disclaimers

Notice to Users of the Register of Ohio

The Register of Ohio is published by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission under the Register of Ohio Act, Ohio Revised Code sections 103.051, 103.052, 103.053, 103.054, 119.037, 119.038, and 119.039, and other related Ohio statutes.

As required by the act, the Register is an electronic gazette to which members of the public may readily resort for notice of and information about Ohio state government rule-making processes. The Register displays the rule-making and rule-related documents that an Ohio statute requires to be published in the Register, with additional enhancements.

Documents are displayed in the Register as submitted for publication in the Register by rule-making agencies of Ohio state government. There is no warranty that documents as submitted by rule-making agencies for publication in the Register are complete, accurate, timely, or otherwise reasonable and lawful.

The Register is not copyrighted. However, there is no warranty that documents displayed in the Register are free of copyright claims or of other restrictions on use.

The Register includes links to other Internet sites as a convenience to users. The Legislative Service Commission assumes no responsibility with regard to these linked sites or their content. A user of the Register who accesses these linked sites uses and relies upon them and their content at the user's own risk.

The Register is designed so that the documents it displays may be readily viewed on line and easily printed out. The Legislative Service Commission assumes no responsibility with regard to software or hardware or networking a user may use or attempt to use to view or print a Register document.

The Legislative Service Commission assumes no responsibility with regard to uses to which users of the Register put documents displayed in the Register.

The Legislative Service Commission may monitor use of the Register for purposes of the Register's maintenance, security, and improvement. Unless relevant to security of the Register, the Commission is not concerned with the specific documents a particular person accesses through the Register.


Notice to Agencies Publishing Documents in the Register of Ohio

The Legislative Service Commission recognizes the official notice and information functions performed by the Register of Ohio, and makes every effort to publish all documents in the Register free of error. Nevertheless, errors may occur. Please read each document you have submitted for publication in the Register while it displays, and inform the Register staff immediately of any problems.

If you cannot find a filed document in the Register, inform the Register staff immediately.

The Legislative Service Commission assumes no responsibility for an agency's errors or omissions or timeliness.