How you can participate in Rule-Making

When a state agency proposes to adopt rules under the Ohio Administrative Procedure Act (Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119.), it must publish a public notice of its intention and conduct a public hearing on its proposed rules. This public hearing provides the opportunity for public input and comment on the proposed rules. Notices of an agency's intent to adopt rules and of the date, time, and location of a public hearing are published in the Register of Ohio by the Legislative Service Commission, as filed by the state agencies. The public hearings are conducted by the state agencies proposing the rules, not by LSC.

Emergency rules adopted under R.C. Chapter 119. are not subject to public hearings because they expire on the 121st day after their effective date—unless, in the meantime, the agency proposes to readopt the rule in accordance with the normally applicable R.C. Chapter 119. rule-making procedure. In that case, there would be a hearing for the rule being proposed for permanent adoption.

Rules proposed under R.C. section 111.15 or other sections of the Ohio Revised Code besides R.C. Chapter 119. are not subject to similar public notice and hearing requirements.