Rule Actions

Original Filing

The initial filing of a proposed new, amended, or rescinded rule.


Revised Filing

A proposed rule that is modified no more than 35 days after it has been original filed.


Refiled Filing

A proposed rule that is modified more than 35 days after the original filing. A refiled rule will incur an additional 30 days of JCARR jurisdiction from the date of the refiled filing.


Withdraw Proposed

A proposed rule that has been removed from the rule-making process. An agency can withdraw a proposed rule anytime prior to final filing the rule. Withdrawing a proposed rule withdraws all previous proposed filings of that rule number in the current filing lifecycle, as if the rule was never proposed.


Withdraw Final

A rule that has been final filed, but the agency withdraws the final filing before the effective date. A withdraw final action has the effect of returning the rule to the proposed status it was in prior to final filing.


To Be Refiled

A proposed rule that has been temporarily removed from JCARR consideration by the rule-filing agency. The rule will remain in TBR status until the agency refiles the rule.


Final Filing

The filing of a rule in adopted form after JCARR jurisdiction has ended. Upon final filing, an agency assigns an effective date to a rule.



A rule that is adopted by means of an abbreviated rule-making process. An emergency rule filed pursuant to R.C. Chapter 119 is effective immediately upon filing. An emergency rule filed pursuant to R.C. section 111.15 is effective immediately upon filing unless the agency assigns a later effective date. An emergency rule, whether 119 or 111.15, expires on the 121st day after it takes effect unless, in the meantime, the agency has readopted the rule according to the normally applicable rule-making procedure.


Five Year Review

Pursuant to R.C. section 119.032, every five years state agencies must review each of their rules and determine whether to continue without change, amend, or rescind them. Prior to the scheduled review date of a rule, an agency must review the rule utilizing criteria specified in R.C. section 119.032.