Rule Types

The type of rule filed by an agency. Possible types include amendment, new, rescission, no-change, emergency amendment, emergency new, and emergency rescission.

Amended rule

A rule that is currently effective to which changes in the text are being made. The rule retains the same Administrative Code number, and indicates deleted language, new language, or a combination of both.


New rule

A rule with an A.C. rule number not currently in use, or a rule number currently in use but being rescinded when the new rule is being adopted. A new rule contains all new language, which appears in underlined lowercase.


Rescinded rule

Rescinding a rule means to remove the rule from the law. Upon the effective date of a rescinded rule, the rule ceases to exist.


Emergency rule

A rule that is adopted by means of an abbreviated rule-making process. An emergency rule filed pursuant to R.C. Chapter 119. is effective immediately upon filing. An emergency rule filed pursuant to R.C. section 111.15 is effective immediately upon filing unless the agency assigns a later effective date. An emergency rule, whether 119 or 111.15, expires on the 121st day after it takes effect unless, in the meantime, the agency has readopted the rule according to the normally applicable rule-making procedure.